L 95h
95 Hours · 95 Locations · 95 Letters · 1 Thesis

If and how Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg or not at all is beside the point. What is significant is the performative act, bringing to life the unwieldy word – as contentious as it may be – in the minds of the people.
The icon of the (at best angry) man hammering nails initially eclipses the content, their fury ultimately only aroused by the image.

This act, be it authenticated or simply cleverly staged, is now taken back to the word: from 95 individual and isolated musico-artistic interventions, 95 individual letters are created which, at the very end, unite to form a new and current thesis.

From 27 October at 13:00 onwards, on the hour every hour in 95 different locations in Europe, small Luther Playmobil figures will be melted down live into the shape of letters. The time they take to melt determines the length of the performance, the name of the location the letter and its position within the thesis. With these interventions the artists will, in a star-shaped formation, advance towards the Luther Church in Cologne where, on 31 October at 11:00 all the letters will be combined to form a thesis, a declaration, a statement, which can be read time and time again in a continuous circle.