The bad news: We already are yesterday’s tomorrow, we are the future of the past.
Even worse than that: we are not but rather were we our parents’ utopia. The vision was strong but time alone was weak.
It is sobering really, when one takes a closer look.
Nonetheless: it could have all been a lot worse, which at least leaves some room for motivation.

But let’s start from the beginning. There is neither a today nor a now even if experience tells us otherwise. And the here and now are propaganda instruments of a merciless society which either does not want to admit or is unable to admit that its main achievement, the clock and with it the division of time, is based on an complete misinterpretation. What is more, the clock shows with each passing second that no plans have been made for a now! It knows exactly, however, how much past and future still (or already) make up the “today”.
Have you ever made an appointment for now? Think about it. You had an appointment yesterday but had to re-schedule it for tomorrow. Why? Because your now never is the now of the appointment and vice versa, unless you happen to be standing under some mistletoe, in a tight embrace – but really, in that case, what would be the point of a now-appointment?
At best the today and now are temporally minimal places of transit whose relevance lies in being skipped and/or a certain historical quality. Now all we have to do is stretch out the yesterday-tomorrow-continuum a little bit in order to remain level headed, speed no longer being a major factor: Let’s think beyond the morrow. This has two advantages. We get a bit of peace and quiet to reflect and, despite that, the tomorrow of the morrow is not so distant after all.

The good news: the walls of Jericho being brought down using wind instruments, be it trombones or trumpets as the bible* says, has been clearly proven wrong by archaeology. Thus the latest quadraphones** should not pose any danger. Not even if there are many of them and not even when they are sounding from the rooftops. Even less if they are small and rise from the ground*** like mushrooms. For even about this Jericho, as the worlds lowest city****, knew a thing or two.

But what can happen when archaico-ritual behaviour is coupled with the most cutting edge technology, when political pomp encounters rational thinking, when the gods in heaven and in the underworld are involved equally? The key lies in the common thread. For fanfara does not denote a ceremonial piece of music (fanfare) or even an instrument (fanfare) but, in Italian, it stands for the banda, the ensemble, the group playing together. Here we do not consider the group to be primarily a group of people but rather ideas, movements, desires, events and we know: this is what can happen then.

The second piece of good news: the FANFARA (MECCANICA) FUTURISTA is a minimalist place of transit: what you heard during evening will definitely be played in the evening, what you saw during the course of the evening, will definitely be shown in the evening. And that for quite some time. All you have to do is listen and look closely. Nonetheless, the clocks will not stop and that despite the fact that the houses of Jericho have boasted square layouts since the 5th millennium BC.

Were you more of a utopia or rather an experiment conducted by your parents?
How large was your first single progress?
Do you still sometimes keep the light on at night?
Did you want to become a fire-fighter at some point?
How much greed is there when you are greedy for knowledge?
With what do you part first when you depart?
Do you sometimes turn your back on change?
When you go, do you already buy the ticket for your retreat?
Will you go to heaven despite presumably being buried in the ground?
What would you have liked to have done the day after tomorrow which you should then be urgently doing tomorrow?

*Old testament, book of Joshua 6, 4-20
**11 larger than life/oversized quadraphones will be played from 11 buildings
***35 mini-quadraphones will rise from manholes in the public space, playing themselves
****Jericho lies 250m below sea-level