Friday · 30 August 2013 · 19:00hrs
LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
Domplatz 10 · 48143 Münster

Rochus Aust · composition/spatial disposition/flugelhorn
Fosco Perinti · voice/melodica
Jonas Baeck · voice/melodica
Jean Paul Baeck · voice/melodica
Heinz Friedl · bass clarinet
Bosco Pohontsch · trumpet
Florian Zwissler · synthesizer
Oxana Omelchuk · melodica/specials
Roman Podewszwa · melodica/specials
Constantin Herzog · doublebass/melodica
Harald Herrmann · cello/melodica
Younes Atbane/Anna Weißenfels/Vita Tepel/Katrin Mattila/
Patric Welzbacher/Julia Dick/Fa-Hsuan Chen/Monika Mucke/
Bernardo Fallas/Margaux Marielle-Trehouart/Ixchel Mendoza · movement
Didem Hitit · specials
Markus Aust · sound direction/sound design/hawaiian guitar

In the future of the future the world will be populated by artificial intelligence and/or by combined artificial-human beings. That these uber-beings will be evolving without pronounced mistakes and aberrations, almost imperceptibly – well, we can bluntly doubt that. The path towards Human 3.0 will bring us numerous creatures which, from an ethical point of view, we will hardly be able to get rid of as technological scraps.
And as the fufuture will be preceded by a simple future, the latter will be an era massive struggles with techno-primates, which may represent an inevitable stage of development but which, at the same time, could endanger a development from the inside.
This is the starting point of the Münster Vision: the taming of the circuits and the injection of humanity for beings preceding humans with the help of the tenderness of art. At the new LWL Museum of Art and Culture a specially developed space with a primates’ course, based on the “long-wide-leash programme”, will go on display for the first time.
Here the process will be tested in experiment, studied scientifically and made physically tangible.
Here we push the window to the future wide open.