25/32 pranzo di capodanno
new years menue · Neujahrsessen

MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art London
113 Bellenden Rd · London SE15 4QY · 31.12.2009 · 23.15
I have not yet expressed my best wishes for the New Year.

… fifteen years ago, to the very day …

Bury the memories! It's time to forget the banquets of pre-war days and finally start the new year in a different way!

This year we will manage to clear the air and to make our dreams come true. I invite you all to a moonlight banquet for the coming New Year’s day, at which we will finally sample dishes unknown to our palate, complemented by drinks we could never have dreamt up.

Tradition has killed the enjoyment of a New Year’s feast: for many years now it has been a matter of the same elements contributing to a merriment which has become bland. Everybody knows the exact course of events – in advance.